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Welcome to the Web Puzzler. After you select an image from the list below, you will be shown the puzzle. Try to solve the puzzle by rearranging the pieces. Switch any two pieces by selecting the corresponding buttons below the image. Only the first two pieces (from top-down and left-to-right) are used; more than two buttons are ignored. Click on the puzzle itself to see the completed image. The Web Puzzler also now keeps track of how many moves it takes you to solve the puzzle.

The most recent addition was 1 image on February 21st.

The Web Puzzler was the Cool Site of the Day December 18, 1994.
(That's right, 1994, back before CSOTD became an institution.)

Choose an Image

Amish Buggy Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Freakazoid Grassy Field
Rocky Hill Sunset
Snowy Mountain Mountain Lake
Mulan Sword and the Stone
Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat
Bugs Cooking Bugs and Elmer
Dexter Animaniacs
Animaniacs #2 Animaniacs #3
Batman Robin
Calvin and Hobbes Groo
Pinky and the Brain Escher Waterfall
M100 galaxy via HST A. Clarke's 2001
Hercules Wyle E. Coyote
Mad Hatter Titanic - DiCaprio and Winslet
Dexter and parrot Dexter and robot
Dick Tracy Xena
Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo II
Lion King Oak Trees
Ant by Escher Looney Tunes kitty/cat/dog
Lisa Simpson's Wedding The Simpsons
Mill House Speed Racer
Three Stooges Shack in Mountains
The (Santa) Brain Dexter and family
Dragon II 12 meter Telescope
Johny Quest Diablo Scene ( a great game )
Calvin and Hobbes Calzilla
Bugs Bunny ( stamp ) What's Opera Doc #1 ( Bugs and Elmer )
What's Opera Doc #2 ( Bugs and Elmer ) The Tick
Mars Sojourner ( The Mars Rover )
Marvin the Martian Earth (from Galileo )
Old Coke Ad Tiger
Dragon Mt. Everest
Autumn Colors Flowers
Sandman (by Neil Gaiman ) Drawing Hands (M.C. Escher )
The Others ( the great band ) Tower Lake ( Nowwwhere )
Hall of Mirrors ( Nowwwhere ) Maze ( Nowwwhere )
Candle ( Nowwwhere )

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