Brian Casey

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I've never maintained personal pages well, so everything here is likely woefully outdated and/or obsolete. In any case...
Recent(ish) Work
Other stuff
Ancient Artifacts
These are all very old projects. Most should probably be scoured from the web as completely obsolete. I leave them up here only because some people are still using them and for "historical" curiousity.
Astronomy Tools
Web Puzzler
Mancala (finally broken)
Triangle Puzzle
In addition to the two "big" projects, I work on a bunch of other sites, from large to small. Typically, my contribution is on database integration or server-side scripting (mostly Perl and PHP).
Like my work on WikiAnswers, this is another massive re-working of MediaWiki code. Here the project is a fun collision of family and friends networking with family tree genealogy. The site is currently in beta, but there's lots there and it's growing all the time.
I did all of the programming (creating a heavily modified version of MediaWiki) for the original FAQFarm site. This site became WikiAnswers and, since then, my programming efforts have become somewhat minimal, though I'm still involved in server-side issues.

This was a really fun project... a huge user community and lots of interesting PHP and MySQL code. is a nifty site with tons of useful resources for anyone interested in books, reading, teaching with books, kids who like books or anything similar. Work on improvements for this site are ongoing.
I wrapped a CGI interface around a few C programs for things like the moon phase, a calendar of sunrise/sunset data, planetary positions, etc.. Better solutions exist, but these still work.
Similar to a "slider" puzzle, this one has you trading pieces in a jumbled image to put it back together. Originally written before there were even HTML tables to use, this page should probably be ignored. Much better DHTML or Flash or Java games exist.
Mancala is an ancient game using stones in pits. This program works reasonably well, though the graphics are poor.

I think this was broken with the last server upgrade. I doubt I'll find time to fix it... Google Mancala and you'll find alternatives.
This is a Java applet based on the triangle peg game where you hop one peg over another to clear all of the pegs. There is a solution to this puzzle. It's old enough, I'm surprised the compiled Java code still works in modern runtime environments (at least it did last I checked).
This is a logic/guessing game where you are given clues as to how close your code or sequence of colors is and then try to figure out what the real colors are. Primitive, but it still works.
This was a very, very primitive "virtual world" written originally to run on Mosaic, pre-Netscape. The images are ray-traced with POVRay from small experiments I ran with that code. (Ray tracing was fun, but I didn't spend enough time with it to have any truly impressive scenes.) There is a "plot" or "puzzle" of sorts, though I'm not certain it all still works properly. If you really want an online game, go play WoW or something.